Local mission

Harrogate Homeless Project has been for many years a favourite for our support.

The last Sunday in each month is 'Food for the Homeless Sunday' when members of the congregation are asked to donate gifts of food for use at the hostel for the homeless. Boxes or tins, dried goods, cleaning products or toiletries are taken each month to fill the pantry shelves.

We have in the past collected gifts of toiletries at Christmas time, food at Harvest and donated the offertory at the special joint services with other churches in Victoria Avenue.


Our Christmas gifts in 2017 were of essential items for a new-born baby to help the mum with its care for the first 3-months of the baby's life. Baby-basics works with midwives, health visitors and other professional bodies to supply starter packs to those in need.  It helps vulnerable groups such as teenage mums, women fleeing domestic violence and asylem seekers.

The response with toiletries for baby and mum, clothes for baby, blankets etc was tremendous.



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