Overseas mission

We support regularly the following mission work overseas with our prayers and financial donations:

Christian Aid through its Lent Appeal Count your Blessings

Christian Aid through Commitment for Life www.christianaid.co.uk

Commitment for Life project replaced the former '1% Appeal' which asked each individual to give 1% of their net income to help those less fortunate in Third World countries. Commitment for Life, through Christian Aid, 'helps workers to help themselves'. Each October we hold a Commitment for Life Sunday at which these financial gifts are given. For the past three years we have focused our giving on the Christian Aid Partner, Zimbabwe.

The fellowship at West Park is ever-willing to support appeals for world disasters when they occur through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Each year a Christian-based charity is selected for the Church to give aid. The decision for the choice rests with the Church Meeting. 

Many more local and national charities are supported through the 3 times weekly coffee shops on a quarterly basis.  


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